This page is used to communicate information that is relevant to our neighborhood.
Project updates and financial information will be shared here.

Abbington Board of Directors:
Liz Graham, President
(1-year term remaining, 2018-2019)

Donny Edwards, Vice Present & Pool/Amenities Committee Chair
(1-year term, 2018-2019)

Mike Bogar, Treasurer & Neighborhood Watch Chair
(2-year term, 2018-2020)

Michael Britt, Secretary
(2-year term, 2018-2020)

Scott Spark, Member at Large & Landscaping Committee Chair
(2-year term, 2018-2020)

If you have questions or suggestions about the neighborhood, please contact the Board via email.
Landscape questions or concerns? Contact the committee via email.
If you have financial questions, please contact John Faulk at Hawthorne Management.

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Reserve Study 2017
This document will be used as a guide for planning future projects.

Balance Sheet (month end – 7/31/18)

Need a landscaper? Here are some recommendations.

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  • New “SLOW Children at Play” signage has been installed throughout the neighborhood.
  • Recycling has been added to the Clubhouse trash service and additional recycling cans have been placed in the pool area.
  • The BOD met with swim team coordinators, Vera and Su, to discuss the swim team survey results. Another meeting will take place in Jan/Feb to discuss the 2019 season, specifically practice days and times, the mock meet, and to review the team’s balance sheet.
  • In the next two weeks, trees for the Penton Place Pond project will be planted. The same company, Mogensen Mitigation, will oversee the erosion project near the Hickory Ridge Road entrance.
  • The Landscape Committee is currently soliciting proposals for the neighborhood landscape contract and also to replace the arbors at the Rocky River Road entrance and add arbors to the Hickory Ridge Road entrance.
  • The roses that have been removed from the roundabouts will be replaced when the weather is not so hot and dry. Thank you for your patience!

– The Town of Harrisburg is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of street signs ONLY. If you see a sign that needs attention, please contact the Town Customer Service Department.
– If you see a yield or stop sign pole that requires attention, please inform the Board so that they can submit a work order to Hawthorne Management.
– Union Power takes care of our street lights. Please get the UPC off of the light and submit the work order HERE.